Sherwood Gardens, 2013

“His works witness a precise imagination of sound…I am certain that he would greatly contribute to composition and its realization as an instrumentalist as well.”

Mauricio Kagel,  world-renowned composer, founder of the New Music Theatre genre

“An intellectual and passionate composer , who – as a first rate guitarist- belongs to rare double talents of creative and reproductive arts.”

Johannes Fritsch, world-renowned composer,

founder of Feedback Studio,closest collaborator of Karlheinz Stockhausen

“…an excellent musician and composer…”

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Master of Queen’s Music

“A deeply committed composer with a profoundly subjective voice.”

Edwin Roxburgh, a leading English composer

Cabin John, October 2017

“[Branimir] is extraordinarily intelligent, learns with lightning speed…in the shortest period of time he mastered a huge amount of repertoire with apparent ease…his sound is strong and his technique nearly infallible…” 

Eliot Fisk, classical guitarist

“…through guitar strings he enchanted his audience…” 

Dürener Anzeiger

“The sounds are perfectly calculated and balanced, yet the outcome is always unpredictable and explosive.”

Bolton Hill, 2005

Kölnische Rundschau

“an excellent concert…emotional richness and technical perfection…Six strings have found their master…” 

Dürener Zeitung

“…very refined versions that show great virtuosity…”

Beatlemania Magazine, review of “Sgt. Pepper For Classical Guitar”

“… refined  performances on all the tracks…Reportedly the first classical version of the Sgt. Pepper album – a hard act to follow?”

Beatles Unlimited Magazine, review of “Sgt. Pepper For Classical Guitar”