August 2018


La Folia (2019)

Etudes Op. 49 (2019)

for Guitar

->released on the album “Ensconced”

Years Told (2018)

Variations for Tenor and Orchestra

Scintillating Aphorisms (2016)

for Guitar

->released on the album “Revel”, premiered by the composer, Fairfax, VA 2018

/robots.txt (2012)

Fantasia on Machaut’s “Dame se vous m’estes lointeinne”

for Wind Quintet

->premiered by Avenue Winds, San Francisco 2013

Barcarola (2012)

for Guitar

->commissioned by family Margolis, released on the album “guitARS subtilior”

EST (2012)

for mixed Brass Quartet

->published online by Arcomis

Branimir Krstic – October 2017

Preludes and Fugues, Book 1 (2010)

for Guitar

->premiered by the composer, Baltimore 2012

released on the album “Fugue Revisited”

Croatian Songs, Part IV (2009)

for Guitar

released on the album “Country Classical”

Concertino (2006)

for Piano and Orchestra

-> semi-finalist of the Queen Elisabeth of Belgium Composition Competition

Sgt. Pepper For Classical Guitar (2004)

Guitar arrangement

Croatian Songs, Part I (1998) and Part II (2000)

for Guitar

-> premiered by Branimir Krstic, Georgetown 2002

up to B (1999)

Branimir Krstic – October 2017

for Wind Quintet and String Quartet

->commissioned by the Hope Scott Trust

->premiered by Ensemble Hebrides, Glasgow 1999

String Quartet No. 2 (1996)

->premiered at the Rheinisches Musikfest, Cologne 1996

The New Aphorisms (1994)

for Orchestra

->winner of the Musikhochschule Cologne competition, premiered by its orchestra, Cologne 1994